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Each week, the boys choose a winner from a bracket of eight worthy contenders, in a topic of their choice. Everything from superpowers to scary movies; from first-person-shooters to reality TV shows. Matt Brooks and Jacob will sort through the trash and bring you back the gems. (Unless you don't like gems. In that case they'll bring you...a cheeseburger?)

The Everything Bad Podcast is a celebration of pop culture, minor annoyances, and the stuff that makes life fun.

Over Lubricated

Review pending.

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Technically a Wizard

With beautiful vistas and lifelike character models, Jacob gives off a good first impression. When it comes to core gameplay, however, he is mostly just a rehash of previous games in the genre. The bottom line: with a confusing plot and a tone that seems needlessly sarcastic, Jacob is only recommended for diehard fans of the series.

Final Score: 5/10

Angry Swarm of Bees

I originally bought this Matt to replace one that broke. Product arrived slightly damaged but usable. Spoke to customer service about a refund and they were unresponsive.

Final Score: 3/10

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