Don’t buy an Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S hardware

I’m a huge fan of VR and believe it’s truly the future. I build a PC and got the HTC Vive when that released. I mounted cameras to my walls and used mods and hacks to run old games like Doom 3 and Oculus exclusives. I’ve gone back and forth between the monitor and driving rig to rebind controls just to see the menu in the headset. I’m growing tired of the constant updates and hardware problems that plague PC VR gaming.

I purchased the Oculus Rift S because Oculus has the best games. I also could get rid of the damn cameras. There was the option of getting the Quest but wanted to play the superior games on the PC. The Rift S headset is incredible when it works. It’s beyond frustrating when it doesn’t. I’ve had constant problems with it since it was released. Almost every time I use it there is some kind of update. Then some kind of problem with the display whether it just goes black or flashes static or fills the screen with colorful static snow.

I said when they announced the 2 headsets that there should only be the Quest and it should work if you plug it into the PC. They just announced that it will now work if you plug it into a PC. Also, it seems to be the main platform for the company moving forward with all the best features and support. I feel a bit betrayed by Facebook. I feel like with this timeline there was no way they weren’t working on the Oculus Link before release. They should have never sold the Rift S and instead just held on to the original Rift for a few more months.

I know I’m not alone in feeling screwed by Facebook by purchasing a Rift S. I would love to be more excited for the Oculus Link as I think a stand-alone headset that works like a Rift when plugged in is exactly what VR should be right now. I just would like to warn others not to get the S. Get the Quest or wait for whatever headsets Sony or Xbox announce next year.


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