Every Indie game is a Roguelike

It seems like almost every Indie game lately is a Roguelike. They seem to have a unique spin or a fun gameplay loop that feels original then you die only to realize that it’s another one of these. I know they’re easier and cheaper to make than a real game, but I’m tired of them and would be happy to never play one again. It just feels lazy to leave everything to chance. The levels randomly generated, the items are randomly generated. You just make all the assets and tell the engine to do the work for you. It’s sold as something that is endlessly playable and unpredictable. I think it actually does the opposite and makes it very stale and boring.

There is an endless amount of these Indie Roguelike games. The ones I’ve played most recently have been Dead Cells, Bad North, Enter the Gungeon, Hollow Knight and Void Bastards. The games may be enjoyable and well made, but having to restart the entire game after death makes me want to never play again. I started each one of these games full of joy and excitement just to feel sad and defeated when the game gives me the exact same start over message.

What happened to the good old checkpoint system? Seriously though. Just having a checkpoint where I can keep playing from a previous point would be the best for all of these games. Even though Metroidvanias are also played out I’d take backtracking through the entire level to get upgrades or keys to progress over a Roguelike.

The problem that I have is that I genuinely enjoy playing these games and would love to finish them and see all of what they have to offer. I just can’t bring myself to play through the same thing over and over again. Restarting just sucks the life out of the game for me. Video games that I enjoy are few and far between. Please for the love of everything stop making Roguelikes.

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