I wish I cared about the new Star Wars movie

I grew up like many others as a huge Star Wars Fan. My Mom loved the series as a teenager and introduced us to it pretty young. I watched the original films on VHS so many times I lost count. As a kid my favorite was Empire Strikes Back. I know people say that Star Wars for kids, but that movie always felt like something for adults. I think that’s why I liked it so much growing up.

Then the prequels came out and George Lucas had too much control with the series. There’s too much to say about them with it all being said before. The important thing is that I wasn’t sure who they were for. I don’t think any of it was really smart. Some of it was extremely childish and stupid, almost like someone took the Ewok criticism the wrong way. Then other things like boring politics and the overly emotional child murderer weren’t for kids.

I think most fans were pretty excited when Disney bought the rights to Star Wars. It felt like a fresh start from a company that’s currently doing great things with Marvel. Force Awakens felt like a fine movie that left plenty to be excited about. It was a bit like an Iron Man Movie. Then The Last Jedi came out. It felt like a really bad Thor movie and completely drained the energy out of the series.

I think the main thing is that they fell into the trap of reading the internet and trying to be smarter. The Last Jedi’s only goal was to subvert the fans’ expectations. If someone had predicted something it couldn’t happen. There were some great fan theories of where episode 8 would go. My favorite was the reversal of Rey and Kylo. I would have loved a Sith version of Rey and I guess it still could happen. If they do it now I just feel like it would be forced.

I could go very far in depth with what is wrong with this movie, but I’ll just make one point per the main character. First off Leia should have died in space. It was perfect if they would have left it that way. Luke shouldn’t have died after projecting. If they wanted him dead he should have actually been there to fight Kylo in person. Po shouldn’t of be sidelined for not blindly agreeing with superiors. Finn should have been allowed to sacrifice himself to save his friends. Rose shouldn’t exist and instead, here cousin should have survived. Snoke should have convinced Rey to join him or transform into the emperor or something other than just die. Rey should have accepted Kylo’s proposal to work together to build a new empire. Pink hair shouldn’t have broken the rules of the series by lightspeed ramming the enemy ship.

Instead, the movie decided to leave the series with nothing to be excited about. There is a group of twenty people hanging out in the Millennium Falcon while still being chased by a lesser but more emotional enemy. I’m still going to go see the next movie, but my expectations are very low.

Right now I’m holding out that the Mandalorian and the hopefully Old Republic trilogy will bring back my love and excitement for the franchise.

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